Noticias y ofertas de Be Alicante que seguro te interesan.
Christmas Lottery raffle

Next December 22, Spain will live one of the most anticipated moments of the year: the Christmas lottery raffle, also called 'El Gordo de Navidad'....

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Hanukkah in Alicante

On December 8, the Jewish community celebrates its traditional Hanukkah. A millenary feast in which families gather to share traditions,...

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Plans to spend Christmas in Alicante

Christmas in Alicante is a very special time. The city is wrapped in a festive atmosphere and the streets are filled with people. The shops are busy...

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Black Friday 2017 Be Alicante Easy Stay with a 30% discount

This year we are again participating in a new edition of the increasingly popular Black Friday 2017. Are you thinking of spending your holidays in...

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Escape Room games in Alicante

Escape room games have become one of the favorite amusements for lovers of strong emotions. What began as just a fashion in video games has moved to...

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On Cyber Monday enjoy the shopping malls in Alicante

Cyber Monday has already been installed as a tradition in Spain. It is celebrated next Monday, November 27, as in the United...

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How to travel by bus and Tram around Alicante

When you come to Alicante on holidays, one of the best ways to move around the city is public transport. You will find that the...

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How to book online your accommodation in Be Alicante

Booking your accommodation online in Be Alicante is very easy and fast. You just have to follow a few steps at our website and confirm the date your...

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Running in Alicante

If you love running and you like to take advantage of your trips to practice your favorite sport, you have to come to Alicante...

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