Discover Alicante with the Free Walking Tours

One of the best ways to get to know the city of Alicante and its historical center is to a walking tour. Strolling through its streets, its dreamy corners, and visiting the main monuments is an unforgettable experience. Now you can discover Alicante on foot with the Free Walking Tours. They are guided tours across the historic center and old town, and also the Castle of Santa Barbara. The guides will explain you the history, the legends and the most interesting anecdotes of each part. For Alicante has many stories to tell its visitors. An Iberian, Roman and Muslim past among many other civilizations. The capital remains today a melting pot of cultures. Walking through its centric streets, you will discover why the city has been from ancient times one of the cultural and economic centers of the Mediterranean area. You can book your Free Walking Tours online, directly from the Internet. There are programmed visits every day that last about two and a half hours. And you can also prepare your guided visit to the Castle, of two hours, every Monda, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, at 3:00 pm. You can book your visit very easily and in english at […]

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Gastronomy of the interior of Alicante

In these cold winter days, in all the houses of Alicante you can enjoy a typical winter gastronomy: rice, ‘calderos’, pucheros and sweets that help us combat the cold temperatures and are a cultural heritage. Today we want to invite you to know the typical dishes of the villages of the interior, its products and its tradition. Places like Castalla, Alcoy, Jijona and many others where there is never lack of good food at the table. And no, we’re not just talking about rice. There is much more variety in the gastronomy of Alacant. A good stew from Alicante Stews made from chicken, rabbit, partridge, quail and other meats are very common in the counties of the interior. If you travel to the capital of the Costa Blanca and want to do gastronomic tourism, you can not miss the ‘pot with ball’, which are served daily in most restaurants. It is a delicious broth that is accompanied with a meat ball and that will help you to face the cold. If you can tour the interior populations, another stew that you should try is the ‘pot of Jijona’, which is made with fasiuras, which are large balls of meat with […]

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