Gourmet Street food in Alicante

Is the second time that Alicante celebrates a gastronomic festival where the food trucks were the protagonist. From the 8th of October to 12th of October at Plaza de Séneca (old bus station) hosted the 5th and final stop of Citroën Plateselector Food Tour. With a great success and great participation from the visitors.

In the recent years the food trucks are a new trend and this new street food makes that everyone can enjoy a gourmet experience, children and adults both enjoyed this fancy food. In Citroën Pateselector Food Tour the little food trucks kitchen were very busy preparing nice meals as burgers, pizzas or creppes, we cannot forget the delicious “nachos con guacamole” from Corazón de Agave food truck, they did honor to their Slogan “Panza llena, corazón contento” (Full tummy, happy heart).

Gourmet Street food in Alicante

Not only you can tried Street food from the food truck, also a few local establishments offered their food in this festival, like Mery Croket and her famous croquets, the exotic fancy food from Ellas Shusi&Art or the vegetarian gluten free dishes from Kult bar. All this nice eating was accompanied with Estrella Galicia beer and tasties Martinis, both brands sponsored the event.

Live music or dj playing the best Rock ‘n’ Roll song they were who made that the people was delighted with a nice ambient during all festival days.

This initiative, which was held in Alicante and ourselves and Be Alicante costumer enjoyed, It shows that new entertainment options are appearing in the city and from will keep you informed.

Gourmet Street food in Alicante

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