Turandot at the Teatro Principal in Alicante

The International Opera of Moldova, the country’s most important art institution, travels to Alicante to play Turandot : opera in three acts of composer Giacomo Puccini and libretto in Italian Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni. The work was unfinished by the death of Puccini, but was completed by the composer and pianist Franco Alfano and released in the prestigious La Scala in Milan an April 25, 1926.

Turandot, name of Persian origin which translated means “daughter of Turan” this time will be interpreted by the musical director Nicolae Dohotaru and choir director Ion Bratescu. The rest of the cast on stage will be starring: Moon Seung Eung / Maribel Ortega as soprano (Princess Turandot). Byung Lee / Alexander Sulz, tenor (Calaf). Veronica Tello / Anastasia Golub, as well as soprano (Liu). Yuri Maimescu / Serguey Uzun, low (Timur). Vladislav Lisak, baritone (Ping). Nicolae Vascautan, tenor (Pang). Oleg Zalakoman, as well as tenor (Pong). Carles Ortiz, tenor (Emperor). And Pedro Carrillo, baritone (Mandarin).

The Main Theater of Alicante brings on Thursday November 3, 2016 Turandot by Giacomo Puccini. If you want to know the rest of plays, concerts, cabaret or dance sessions proposed by the Teatro Principal, please consult your full cultural programming. Alicante invites you to discover and enjoy its culture.

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