Tardeo in Alicante

The tardeo is an event that seeks to extend the Alicante leisure time, which generally focused on the night of Friday and Saturday and now occupy the whole day of Saturday, from midday up to the night. This habit supposes a change in the social customs and a new form of recreation and is moving much of the hotel activity of Alicante.

This phenomenon was born popular and years later the city councils of several Spanish cities and the hostelry associations created several routes in which it is done promoting the different places and schedules to enjoy each environment. This new custom arises because many young people prefer to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the tapas and the party during the day, since leaving in the afternoon allows them to rest at night and thus take advantage of Sundays without a hangover.

Alicante’s tardeo starts at around 13 hours with tapas and beer as protagonists in the Plaza del Mercado Central and later extends to the areas of Castaños, La Rambla, Teatro Principal and San Cristóbal. In our city, in the web you can find all the premises (bars, restaurants, pubs and discos) that have wanted to join this route.

In Alicante the phenomenon of the tardeo has also become a great tourist attraction of the city, as it attracts people from various parts of the province who come to enjoy this practice in Alicante. But let’s not fool ourselves, on the fringes of the afternoon, Alicante is still a quiet city where most of it is eaten between two and four in the afternoon and then rests thanks to the national custom of siesta.

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