Chinese New Year 2017: ¡Welcome to the Rooster year!

On January 28, the Chinese New Year begins, a festivity that is celebrated in many countries of the world, including Spain, and which stands out for its colorful, ancient traditions and its spectacularity. This 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. If you were born in 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, this will be a very good time for you, according to Chinese tradition.

If you are “Rooster”, your Chinese horoscope says that you are witty and intelligent, and you also have a magnetic personality … Not bad, right? If  you are staying at BeAlicante on this date, we have many surprises prepared to celebrate with you this wonderful party.

The nónglì xīnnián is full of symbolism, fifteen days in which culture, gastronomy and tradition come together in what is also known as Spring Festival.

ano nuevo chino decoracion de mesaMillenary traditions

To begin with, a few weeks before the arrival of the new year it is necessary to do a thorough cleaning of the house. It’s what’s called ‘dusting’, and it symbolizes the desire to store old things and welcome new ones.

And like any other holiday, shopping is an important part. You have to show off new clothes, prepare the typical food, decorate the house … The New Year markets are very traditional in China, and at this time no expense is spared.

The decoration is also essential to receive the new year. Lanterns and red sayings are the most typical. And as these twelve months the protagonist is the Rooster, do not forget to put figures of this animal if you want to join the celebrations. And you can not forget to put the gods at the door, as they represent health, peace and good luck. In addition, one of the most ingrained traditions are the paintings that decorate the homes, usually of flowers, birds, legends and historical accounts.


The millenary and world-famous Chinese cuisine is decked out in the days of the Spring Festival. New Year’s Eve celebrates the ‘Reencounter Dinner’, in which the whole family gets together and taste typical dishes such as jiaozi and niangao (a rice cake).

Fish is the king of this celebration, and is normally steamed, although it can also be boiled. It matters a lot the way you eat it: you must come with the head of the fish looking at the elders at the table, as a sign of respect. The Chinese dumplings, which have been eaten for almost 2,000 years, are another must-have dish. The more you eat, the more money you’ll make in the year that starts!

Of course, you can not miss the spring rolls. Who does not like them?

a o nuevo chino decoracion de linternas rojasThe party begins at 12 o’clock

The sound of the bells marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. They are played just at midnight in the squares of the main cities. There the Chinese gather all together to celebrate it.

It is then when the fireworks explode, the children have fun throwing firecrackers and the cities and towns are filled with joy.

When the day dawns, everyone wears their best clothes, greets each other effusively, gives their gifts – the traditional red envelope with money for the youngest – and enjoy the different activities in their populations.

Until February 11, when the official celebration ends, China and all its citizens scattered around the world make a meaningful homage to their traditions and history is this Spring Festival. From BeAlicante we also want to join the party.

¡Jīniánjíxiáng! ¡Happy Chinese New Year!




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