Practicing sports at the beach is trendy

When summer arrives, what we most want is to go to our favorite beaches, sunbathe and swim in the sea. It is a time to go out, enjoy the good weather and have fun. And it is also the perfect period to practice sport at the beach. In both water and sand, sports activities at sea have multiple health benefits, and it’s super fun!

Exercising helps us improve our fitness and our overall health. It is also one of the most recommended pastimes. The atmosphere that is breathed on the shore, next to salt water and outdoors, is the most suitable for physical exercises. When we exercise on the beach, we work the muscles of the body in a more intense way. That is because the surface of the sand is very unstable. In addition, we perform a very high aerobic work and increase our resistance.

Outdoor sports also benefit us psychologically. Sport on the beach is an escape, a relaxing and funny way to have a perfect vacation.

chicas jugando al paddle en la playaOf course, it is necessary to take some precautions. Always hydrate yourself properly by drinking lots of water or some soda, and protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen. Temperatures in July and August in the Mediterranean Sea can exceed 35 degrees. Therefore, the protector will prevent the skin from burning and from having bigger problems.

It is also advisable to wear a cap and, when we have finished playing, running or walking, to get in the water to refresh ourselves.

The most fashionable sports on the Costa Blanca are paddle, football, running, volleyball and windsurfing. Of course, water activities such as swimming and diving are a classic of summer. And we can not forget the walks along the shore, which are very beneficial especially for the elderly.

Where to work out

The beaches of Alicante are perfect for any sport. In El Postiguet, as in San Juan, Campello or Arenales, you will find areas qualified to practice your favorite physical activity.

If you travel further north, the beautiful coves from Alacant welcome hundreds of snorkelers and other extreme sports every summer. The Flyboard is another activity with many adepts, and it is practiced mainly in Calpe and Torrevieja. Throughout the coast there are different sports clubs that organize courses as exciting as the Kayak and the driving of jet skis.

In the summer months, the beach is the favorite meeting point of the people from Alicante to exercise and enjoy the sea. All very close to your accommodation in Be Alicante, so you have no excuse to stay healthy on vacation!


chicos jugando el futbol en la playa



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