Time change 25 to 26th March

Spring is here! The night of Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 March there will be a time change that will mark the beginning of the spring season. Do not forget to set your watch! At 01.00 (UK hour) in the morning it will be 02.00 hours. We have to sleep an hour less, but definitely worth it.

With the time change, it will dawn later, but we will have an hour more of sun in the afternoon. This means that the days are getting longer, the summer is coming and it is time to enjoy the outdoor activities.

This adjustment takes place in 70 countries around the world. Did you know that Japan is the only industrialized country that has not yet made the hour change? The first place where this tradition was established is Germany, and it was in 1916. The rest, we acquired this custom much later, from 1974.

This measure was mainly implemented to save energy. It is estimated that the savings in lighting is around 5%, which would amount to about 300 million euros. But not only that: it also has beneficial effects for tourism and the economy in general.

If the night of March 25th to 26th you are in your accommodation in Be Alicante, do not forget to change your alarm clock, if you don’t want to be late for your appointment with the capital of the Costa Blanca!


¿How does the time changes affect us?

With this modification of daylight saving time, our body can be affected in different ways. The first consequence is that, the day we advance the clocks, we sleep an hour less. It is not much, but it is possible that on Sunday we get up with a strange feeling of jetlag. Bad mood and some fatigue may also appear, but these are effects that pass quickly.

Experts recommend avoiding napping for the next few days and doing more exercise. This will help us relax and adapt to the changes. So we can sleep better at night and change the rhythm of sleep.

For a few days, the meal schedule will also be modified, until we can adapt again. The timing does not take long, but until then, it is better to take care of what we eat and try not to dine too late. Nutritionists warn that it is best to avoid sweets, heavy foods and stimulant drinks, such as coffees or energy drinks.

But certainly, from Be Alicante we believe that the best way to cope with this time change is to make a weekend getaway to Alacant. With the arrival of spring, the city is more beautiful than ever. The temperature is around 22 degrees and the beaches are beginning to be full of people. It is the perfect time. And goodbye jetlag!



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