In Alicante we love Football too!

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In Alicante we love football! The city has hosted over the years games of authentic spectacle. F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid, the two major referents of the League, have often passed through the capital. And, of course, the Spanish National Football Team, World Champion, has also played official matches in Alicante.

The football passion is experienced very intensely in the capital of the Costa Blanca. There are many Real Madrid and Barça Supporters Clubs throughout the city and the rest of the province. And also, more and more, of Atletico Madrid. Currently, Real Madrid and Barça are still the teams with the largest number of fans around the world. Supporters of the five continents follow every week their matches in the Santander League and in the Champions League. And Atletico has also won the hearts of many fans. Fútbol Club Barcelona has more than 153,000 members, Madrid has 100,000 and Atlético has another 100,000.

But did you know that Alicante has its own football team? Hercules C.F. Is the club of the city, the one in the heart of all citizens. Its headquarters is the José Rico Pérez Stadium, with capacity for 29,500 spectators. It is located about 10 minutes by car from your accommodation in BeAlicante. Hercules currently plays in Second Division B, but has lived moments of glory also in First Division winning to Barça, Madrid and other greats of the League.

mario kempes con la camiseta del hercules

Mario Kempes en Alicante

Hercules’ blue and white football shirt has been worn by legends such as Mario Alberto Kempes, David Trezeguet (world champion with France) and Luis Aragonés (European champion as coach with Spain). Awesome, right?

And if you are one of those who prefers basketball, the city also has a great team, the Lucentum. He currently plays in a minor division, but has also been among the major league competition

The Spanish National Team in Alicante

In football, Alicante has hosted official matches of the National Football Team of Spain on several occasions. The teams of Scotland, Chile, Hungary and Finland, among others, have played in the city. In total, there have been eight matches, four friendlies and four officials. And it seems that Alicante gives luck to Spain, because it has not lost even a single game. It’s been seven wins and a draw.

Next June 7, the national team will play a friendly macht against Colombia in Valencia. From Alicante, you can arrive in only two hoursby car, and you also have trains and buses available every day.

If you prefer to watch football on TV, remember that the Champions League final is close and you can see it in almost all bars and restaurants in the city. A Spanish team, Real Madrid or Atletico, will be in that final. They will face Monaco or Juventus. Which team are you going to cheer for?

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