7 tips to protect the skin in summer

The summers in Costa Blanca are a real paradise. We all like to sunbathe on the beach! But sun exposure can create problems, so we need to take care and protect the skin in a special way at this time of the year.

Skin care is very important throughout the year. But much more in the summer months. If we follow practical hygiene and hydration tips, and we protect ourselves correctly from the sun, we can have a great summer. Tan, but with perfect skin.

  1. Deep cleansing: this is especially important for the face. The sun rays directly affect this area of our body, so it is necessary to clean it every day. Cleaning at night with the most natural products possible will make our skin resist sun exposure. We need to apply an exfoliant once a week too, both on the face and the rest of the body. This will remove all dead cells and give you a more lively skin.
  2. Hydration: Drinking at least two liters of water per day is essential. If our skin is not hydrated, it will lose quality and the sun will affect us much more. If you are on the beach, drink regularly so you do not become dehydrated. And in your day to day, always carry a bottle of water nearby. To protect the skin in summer, the secret is hydration.
  3. Sun Protection: We often make the mistake of thinking that sunscreens only have to be applied when we go to the beach. But we are exposed to the sun all day long. When we walk in the street, when we go shopping or if we are having something on a terrace. And if we are going to do outdoor sports, it is more important if it fits. So we have to start using sun protection all day, especially on the face, to protect the skin. It is important to apply it about 30 minutes before leaving home, to make an immediate effect. Do not cut yourself with the amount of cream, it is better to put enough to protect it properly. Experts always recommend choosing a protector according to the needs of our skin. If it is more sensitive, you should increase the fact of protection. And we also recommend not to stop using these creams even on cloudy days.
  4. Food: It is important to take care of the diet throughout the year, but much more in summer. Foods that contain antioxidants are a natural sunscreen. It is advisable, to protect the skin, to increase the number of fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins A, C and E. Red fruits, citrus fruits, vegetables such as carrots, whole grains, blue fish, or juices are perfect to take care of your skin. Above all, we must pay close attention to vitamin E. It is the most important for skin care because it prevents cellular degeneration and regenerates scar tissues.
  5. Sleep well and enough!: sleeping the recommended hours is very important to take care of our skin. Our cells regenerate while we are sleeping, and the symptoms of fatigue and tiredness on the skin disappear. If the rhythm of life that we carry does not allow us to get enough sleep, the skin will not be in good condition and the sun will damage us with greater force.
  6. Avoid exposing yourself to the sun in the worst hours: all experts recommend avoiding sun exposure between 12 and 16 hours. If you are in Alicante next summer, you will find that the sun beats down between these hours.
  7. Watch out for chlorine in the pool!: Not only on the beach are we exposed to the sun. Also in the pool. In addition, the chlorine that contains the water in the pools can harm our skin. It is important to take a shower just out of the water to remove this substance.

Following these tips, we can enjoy a perfect summer. And have an enviable skin! Get ready for your holiday in BeAlicante!

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