Circarte: a circus festival from September 15 to 27

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From September 15 to 27, Alicante will host a unique festival with a special and different vision of the circus world. Circarte is circus understood as an art in which there is no human or animal exploitation. A means of expression and fusion between cultures.

The Circarte festival is an event you can not miss if in the next few weeks you are visiting Alicante. This year the show is celebrating its eighth edition, with theater, acrobatics, batukadas and various workshops for children. The program will be carried out in different venues: Alicante, El Campello, Sant Joan d’Alacant and the University of Alicante (in San Vicente del Raspeig). You can easily reach to all these sites y by car or public transport, from your accommodation in Be Alicante.

Circarte brings together artists of the highest level, from all over the world, with a program that mixes styles such as aerial dance, magic, artistic projections, and of course the juggling and acrobatics so characteristic of the circus. Everything, accompanied by music and a spectacular atmosphere. Among the companies that will arrive in Alicante to act are the circus trouppe Fekat Circus of Ethiopia, the clowns of La Bella Tour and the companies from Alicante La Trócola Circ and Lucas Locus.

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The festival starts on September 15 with the show Batukada ‘Marakata’, in the surroundings of the House of Culture of El Campello. That will be at 5 pm, and later we will be able to enjoy the company Acrobatica Minina, with its  show’SEU-TE! (El Campello’s Agora). At 20 hours, the company La Trócola Circ will present its show ‘Empotrats’, in the Auditorium Pedro Vaello in El Campello.

On Saturday 16 September, the festival continues in the town of El Campello with the shows ‘The Rise of the Full Moon’ by Fekat Circus Ethiopia (18 hours, Ágora CC El Campello.); ‘Le Fumiste’ by the company Don Davel (20:30 hours in the Pedro Vaello Auditorium); and ‘Mecha Show you’ by Jimena Cavaletti (22 hours, Agora CC El Campello).

On Sunday 17, Circarte moves to Alicante, with shows throughout the day, from 10 in the morning until 7 pm. The day will begin with an interesting workshop of initiation to the Circus given by Donyet Ardit (Cultural Center Las Cigarreras), and at 12 o’clock will arrive the show ‘Espera’ (company Eia Circo), also in Las Cigarreras. In the afternoon, at 4:30 p.m., in Plaza Santa Faz, in the center of the city, we will be able to see ‘Célula’, from the company Subcielo. At 17:00, in the Town Hall Square, La Bella Tour will bring us its most famous show, and at 19 hours we will move to the Teatro Principal to attend the Grand Gala Circarte. The artists Jimena Cavalletti, El Fedito, Don Davel, Arce Lopez, Kerol, Aimé Morales and Vaivén Circo will perform at this central event of the festival, and tickets can be purchased from 10 euros.

On Saturday September 23, it is the turn to San Vicente del Raspeig. The circus creation and training center El Disparate inaugurates its new installations with the show ‘Potted’ of the company La Trócola Circo (19.30 hours).

Sant Joan will be the venue of Circarte on Sunday 24, with the performance of Cirk About It that will bring us the show ‘The Apartment’ (17 hours, Plaza José Carreras). At 19 hours, in the Culture House, the company Jean Phillipe Kikolas will present ‘Sin remite’, a show that will not leave you indifferent. And at 9.30 pm it will be the turn of Le Petit Chapiteau and his show ‘El Fuego de Belenos’ (José Carreras Square).

To put the final touch to this eighth edition of Circarte, the Auditorium of the University of Alicante will host the show ‘Room 801’ of the company Lucas Locus. It will be at 20 hours and the entrance costs 5 euros.

So if you are a lover of the circus and art in general, you can not miss Circarte when you visit the capital of the Costa Blanca. Here you have all the information about the program and the venues. Alicante is culture!

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