Escape Room games in Alicante

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Escape room games have become one of the favorite amusements for lovers of strong emotions. What began as just a fashion in video games has moved to real life, with real scenarios in which you can live an amazing experience. The game consists in escaping from a room or a specific place in 60 minutes. Only with the help of logic, intelligence and solving mysteries along the way.

In these games you never use force: teamwork, cleverness and inventiveness will be your only allies to escape. You will have to examine objects, follow clues and rely on your colleagues to overcome difficulties. The experience is so real that everyone who has tried it is delighted. There are many versions set in different times, situations and scenarios. The escape games are always done in groups, and that’s why fun is guaranteed.

If you visit Alicante, you have to know that in the capital of Costa Blanca there are a lots of escape rooms. You can choose diferent themes: spies, haunted houses, zombies, mummies… Which is your favourite one? Whatever you choose, in our city you will find the perfect escape room games offer for you. Here you have a list with the best escape room games in Alicante.

  • The X- Door: This escape room is located on Duque de Zaragoza Street 2, and has two different escape games. One is White & Black, of low difficulty and perfect if it is your first experience in this type of games. It admits teams of 2 to 5 people and the scenario is similar to that of a film type The Da Vinci Code. The other available game is The haunted Prison, also for 2-5 players. It transports you to a prison from which you must escape with the help of a former prisoner disappeared … A ghost, perhaps?
  • Xcapate: This escape room game is located in Canónigo Manuel Lorenzo Penalva 5 street, and also has two games of different levels. In Operation “Corleone”, you and your team are an elite police force that has to solve a murder committed by the Mafia. It is played in groups of 2 to 5 players. In La Casa Encantada (The Haunted House), we moved to another, more terrifying scenario. You must go into a cursed house where many girls have disappeared. Up to six people can participate in this game.
  • Locus Fuage: It is located in the city center, on Calderón de la Barca street. It has three escapes available with different levels of difficulty. In The Testament (2-5 players) you must go to the reading of your aunt’s last wishes, and more than one surprise awaits you. The game Boom Escape (2-6 players) will put you in the situation of having to deactivate a technological bomb. And in Moorder you will have to solve a murder to the CSI style (from 16 to 48 participants).
  • Secret Hunter: Suite 405 is an escape game you’ll have to help ex-convict recover the evidence of his revenge, which he has hidden in a hotel room. They can play from 2 to 6 people, and you will need to be fast, audacious and patient. C / Ausó and Monzó, Nº 1 Bajo Izquierda.
  • The Code: This is an escape game with roles (C / Cerdá, 67). A journalist has been murdered and there are four suspects and one witness. You and your team need to find the killer and solve the mystery.
  • Del Ratón al Gato: This location has a room escape for children from 8 to 12 years, The Mousetrap, in which they will have to rescue their father learning to play as a team. The escape game for adults is Los Chicos de la Tuna, in which you will have to solve a very dark event that will transport you to a past era (from 2 to 5 players).
  • 60Min Escape Room (C/Cid, 9): You have three different games designed for families with children over 8 years old. Games can be done in Spanish, English, Russian and German. In the Mystery of the Mummy, the mission is to escape from an Egyptian pyramid: in the Robbery to the Bank, you will become thieves in search of the greatest jewel in the world; and in the Lair of the Maniac you will live an exciting experience tried to escape from the house of a killer dangers.
  • Exit-o: The two games of this escape room, of police type, can also be done in English. Bar Malasonbra is a medium-high difficulty game for groups of 2 to 6 people. Your group should enter a bar of bad reputation where you last saw a missing girl, and try to find evidence of the mystery. In Don Hauser’s Business, you should investigate a house where the police suspect that dark businesses are occurring. C / Regidor Lorenzo Llaneras 11.
  • Locked Doors (C/Berenguer de Marquina 5): In El Antidoto you and your friends are agents whose mission is to infiltrate the “Disazza” center to look for an antidote that can cure the Nano Virus. You are persecuted by mutants who want to kill you!Do you dare to live the experience of escape room games in Alicante? Book your accommodation in Be Alicante and come and enjoy the capital of the Costa Blanca. We will wait for you!
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