Boxing Day

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The day after Christmas one of the most anticipated days of the year is celebrated throughout the United Kingdom: the Boxing Day. It is a very traditional holiday that dates back to the Middle Ages. Although its origin remains unclear today. Boxing Day is, officially, the first day of great sales in the Commonwealth countries. Every stores and shop opens and is full with people. On this day, in addition to shopping, the main protagonist is sports. Special football and rugby games take place through the country, aswell as horse racings.

It is a very significant day for the British, which marks a festive Christmas bridge in which they also take advantage of to travel. If these days of Boxing Day you are visiting Alicante, we welcome you! In Be Alicante we have the open doors of our Bed & Breakfast and our apartments so you can enjoy your free days in the capital of the Costa Blanca.

The origins of Boxing Day

There are several theories, but the most extended one goes back to the Middle Ages. At this time, it was tradition among the high class families to give their service workers boxes prepared with food and gifts. Hence the name ‘Boxing Day’ or ‘Day of the Boxes’. On December 26, it was also a free day so that all these employees could go to see their families after Christmas.

The tradition has not been lost, and nowadays Boxind Day is still a day for solidarity with the most needy. Food, clothing and toys are the most common gifts that are made this day to associations and aid entities.

Te best sales of the year
Currently, December 26 is a holiday throughout the United Kingdom. It is known as Christmast II. In all the big cities and small towns, businesses wait for this Boxing Day to launch their best offers of the year. It is tradition to spend this day shopping, together with the family.

Sport’s big day
Boxing Day is also a very important day for sports competitions. Special football matches are played in the British league, always between teams from neighboring regions or cities. The whole family moves to the stadiums to encourage their team. It’s a tradition! The same happens with Rugby, and horse racing. The most famous is the King George VI Chase in Surrey. It is very common to bet and live these competitions with a maximum illusion.

Tipycal Gastronomy
In this Boxing Day, the remains of the Christmas meal are usually shared with the family. It is also very typical to prepare Baked Ham or the delicious fruit tartlets with brandy butter.

How do you live the Boxing Day? Tell us your traditions on this holiday and leave us your comments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Happy Boxing Day!

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