Salazones, a very special product of the gastronomy of Alicante

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Alicante has a very special gastronomy, based on the world known as ‘Mediterranean diet’. The rice, fish and stews of vegetables and legumes are very important. But today we want to tell you about a very special product of the gastronomy of Alicante: salted fish or ‘salazones’. You will find them in all stores and large markets. And if you go to the Mercado Central (Avenida Alfonso El Sabio 8), just a few minutes walk from your accommodation in Be Alicante, you can find the best salted fish in the city.

The ‘salazones’ are a very typical product of the Mediterranean area and, specifically, of the gastronomy of Alicante. It is also consumed in the area of Cádiz, Murcia and all the southeast of Spain.

What is Salazón?

It is one of the oldest food preservation techniques that exist in the history of humanity. It is common to salt vegetables and meat, but the best known product in this area is the salted fish. In salting, the food is dehydrated with a mixture of saline water, sodium nitrate and nitrite.

Salting was already used in the ancient civilization of Egypt to preserve food for longer and store it. Already in Roman times, its trade and use spread globally. The best known salted meats were sardines, anchovies, mackerels, bonito and tuna. And today we continue to consume them with the same method of preparation!

They are usually eaten mostly as an appetizer, accompanied by nuts, bread and a refreshing drink. They are also perfect for salads and as tapas. When you travel to our city, do not forget to try them, because their flavor and texture are very special. These are the best known salted fishes you can taste in Alicante:

  • Mojama

Mojama is a strip of tuna loin, of different varieties of this fish. It is a perfect accompaniment to a refreshing salad, or with sliced tomato. A little olive oil on top, some salted almonds, and you have the perfect tapa! In Alicante we also eat mojama in the ‘bocadillos’ (bread) with tomato and oil.



  • Bonito

For this product, the whole fish is used. If you go to the Central Market, you will find the whole piece, open in the form of a butterfly and keeping the head. It can be taken alone or with fresh tomatoes and nuts.

  • Bacalao (cod)

Yes, cod can also be eaten in the form of salting. It has a much more intense flavor than fresh cod. It is used in many rice dishes and, above all, in salads. A plate of fresh cut tomatoes, dried cod and olives is the best starter for any menu.

  • Hueva (roe)

Roe is obtained from fish such as melva, tuna or mullet. You will find it with a reddish or dark brown color. The taste is different, and we recommend that you try both to know which one you like the most. It has a very characteristic flavor: either you love it or you hate it! Try it and we assure you that it will not leave you indifferent. With a little toast, tomato and oil, you have the perfect sandwich. Accompany it also with toasted almondsand enjoy a wonderful tapa.

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