How to get from Italy to Alicante

Alicante is a city very well connected to the rest of Europe, both by plane, train, bus and road. If you come from Italy, you have many options to get to the capital of the Costa Blanca. The most unforgettable holidays of your life await you. Take note of how to get from Italy to Alicante.

  • Flights Italy-Alicante

The Alicante-Elche Airport is one of the largest and most important in Spain. It has direct weekly connections with the Italian capital, Rome, and with the cities of Milan, Venice and Bologna. From all these points you can fly directly without stops to Alicante, in little more than two hours.

From other cities like Naples. Cagliari, Pisa, Catania, Palermo, Turin, Bari, Florence, Trieste, Verona, Olvia and Genoa, you can fly on stopovers. Once you arrive at the Alicante-Elche airport, you can take a direct bus to the city center. The trip costs 3.85 euros and will leave you just a few minutes away from your accommodation in Be Alicante. Here you can check how to get to Alicante from the airport.

If you need to leave from another point in Italy, a good option is to fly to Valencia. The airport of Valencia has a direct flight from Rome, Bari, Venice, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Pisa, Trieste, Naples, Palermo and Brindisi. Afterwards, you can take the train or the bus to Alicante, and in less than two hours you will be in the capital of the Costa Blanca.

  • Traveling by bus
You can also get from Italy to Alicante by bus. There are direct routes from cities such as Rome and Milan. A trip of about 24 hours with stops awaits you. You can also go by bus to Madrid or Barcelona, and from there take another bus or train to Alicante. Our city has direct connections by train and bus with Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and many other large Spanish cities.
  • How to get from Italy to Alicante by car

A good way to get to Alicante from Italy is to travel in your own vehicle. If you come by car, the most recommended route is the one that runs along the Mediterranean coastal area. It is a journey of about 18 hours, with about 1870 kilometers of travel.


cómo llegar desde Italia a Alicante


Take the AP-7 route that runs along the Spanish Mediterranean coast. You will travel through the west coast of Italy passing through Genoa, until entering France. The route continues through Nice and Cannes, passing through Montpelier and Perpignan, until arriving in Spain. From there, the highway will take you directly along the Mediterranean coast to Alicante, passing through Barcelona and Valencia.

You can also take the route AP-7 and A1 / E35, which is about 2,070 kilometers long and is a little longer, about 19 hours. This road route is diverted inland instead of taking the coast of Italy. You will pass through Florence, Bologna and Turin until you reach France, where you will take the inland road network through Genobre until you reach Montpelier in the south. From there, this route also takes the Spanish coast through Barcelona and Valencia to Alicante.

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