Ice cream made in Alicante

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Ice cream is a typical frozen summer food. Refreshing and tasty, it helps us fight the stifling heat and also has a sweet flavor. It is usually made with dairy products, combined with fruit and sweetened with sugar or honey. Other ingredients such as egg yolk, nuts, irresistible chocolate and nuts are also added to the mix.

As in Alicante we enjoy an excellent temperature throughout the year, this product is not only consumed during the most suffocating season. To have a snack, or as a dessert after eating, an ice cream is always welcome. And also, according to nutritionists, it is a very healthy and nutritious food, not just a whim.


Cono de helado Ice cream cone

Helados Alacant (Helados Alicante) it is the most popular ice cream brand in the city, which began in 1972 when 25 Alicante ice cream makers decided to associate to preserve and enhance the artisan products in front of the industrial ones. Its manufacture and flavor are characterized by preserving the best of authentic artisan ice cream from the region.

The ‘polo’ (the palette) is a different ice cream made from water, a striking coloring, flavoring and sugar. Its main characteristic is that it is made by freezing a liquid around a stick, and then it is taken as if it were a lollipop.

Other modalities are, for example, the sorbet. It differs from traditional ice cream because for it does not contain fat ingredients such as milk, nor does it include egg yolk. Its main ingredient is usually fruit juice and sometimes wine does not dig.

Recently, frozen yogurt has also become popular. It is elaborated, obviously, mainly of yogurt, and it freezes and melts much more slowly than the traditional product.

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