Tips for staying hydrated in summer

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In Alicante we enjoy the summer season to the fullest. If you are going to visit us in your holidays, we welcome you. The capital of the Costa Blanca is a real paradise for sun and beach seekers. You must bear in mind, though, that temperatures in this time can exceed 35 degrees. You have to be prepared so that the heat does not spoil your holidays. And for this, hydration is essential. To enjoy a pleasant stay in Alicante, here are some tips for staying hydrated in summer.

Do not wait to be thirsty to drink

It is always better to anticipate thirst, to avoid problems. It is one of the best tips for staying hydrated in summer. We know you have a busy schedule and you want to go to the beach and visit the main monuments of Alicante … But do not forget to drink liquids! On the beach, always have the bottle of water handy, and also when you are walking, when you go to the Castle of Santa Barbara or when you go shopping. If you are traveling with children, remind them also that they have to drink water.

Drink between 2 and 2.5 liters a day

It does not matter if it’s water, soft drinks, smoothies or infusions. The important thing is to consume between 2 and 2.5 liters of fluid per day. This way we make sure we do not get dehydrated. It is especially important to drink plenty of fluids at meals to stay hydrated in summer.

Only water? Innovate!

We already know that in the summer season, you want to have a cold drink, an horchata or any other drink that is not water. Take note of these ideas of refreshing drinks for staying hydrated in summer:

  • Water with flavors: add a few drops of lemon, some mint leaves or any other aromatic herb to the water. You will have a very refreshing and tasty drink. In the apartments of Be Alicante you have a fridge where you can put your bottle of water to cool all night. We also recommend putting some slices of your favorite fruit in the water, such as orange or grapefruit. Today there are bottles with special compartments to create these delicious water-based soft drinks.
  • Smoothies: if there is a perfect time to enjoy fruit juices, that is summer. They will provide you with vitamins, mineral salts and potassium, and they will keep you hydrated throughout the day.
  • Cold infusions: who does not like to take a cold tea at meals? In any cafe in Alicante you can order your tea with ice. It will give you energy to continue with your visit to the city and also, it will refresh you a lot.
  • Horchatas and slushs: take advantage of the fact that you are in Alicante to have a typical horchata (tiger nut milk), or a lemon, coffee, strawberry slush… It is the best option to stay hydrated in summer when the heat tightens. And they’re great too!

And to cool off … enjoy the beach!

In addition to these tips for staying hydrated in summer, the best way to cool off in Alicante is … to bathe on the beach! There is no better idea to battle the heat and high temperatures of summer. Just a few minutes walk from your accommodation in Be Alicante you will find the Postiguet Beach, the most famous and visited in Alicante. The Mediterranean Sea is the best antidote against heat. Enjoy your stay!

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