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Hanukkah in Alicante

diciembre 7, 2017 By news Comments Off

On December 8, the Jewish community celebrates its traditional Hanukkah. A millenary feast in which families gather to share traditions, games, songs and gastronomy. In the Hanukkah, the Jews light a candle every night in a nine-branched candelabrum to commemorate the victory of the Maccabees over the Hellenes and their subsequent independence. It is the

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Gastronomy of the interior of Alicante

In these cold winter days, in all the houses of Alicante you can enjoy a typical winter gastronomy: rice, ‘calderos’, pucheros and sweets that help us combat the cold temperatures and are a cultural heritage. Today we want to invite you to know the typical dishes of the villages of the interior, its products and

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