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Be Alicante

At Be Alicante we want your stay in Alicante to be as easy and comfortable as possible. Our offer of tourist accommodation in the center of Alicante is very varied, modern and fully equipped tourist apartment buildings or cozy rooms with the best services and the best value for money.
Our experience of more than 60 years in tourism in Alicante allows us to continue evolving to adapt to the different profiles of travelers. Our main objective is to make those who visit our establishments feel at home and know the city as another place.

  • Experience of more than 60 years in the tourism of Alicante
  • Our goal is that you feel at home
  • Modern and fully equipped apartment buildings
  • We evolve to adapt to different traveler profiles


The environment

Hostel and Tourist accommodation

Our terrace of Bed & Breakfast La Milagrosa is what makes the difference. A magnificent atmosphere and the best views of the castle of Santa Barbara and Basilica of Santa Maria makes your stay with us as complete and relaxed as possible.

Our terrace is available 365 days a year for our customers, access to our terrace is free.

On our terrace we serve our breakfast from 8:00 to 10:30 every day and both clients and visitors can enjoy this.

The terrace of Bed & Breakfast La Milagrosa is open from 8:00 until midnight.

Breakfast Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that is why when you book one of our rooms breakfast is included in the price.

Our buffet breakfast is a self-service where the customer can choose to have breakfast among a wide variety of products.

Our breakfast is made up of hot drinks such as coffee, daily brewed coffee, tea, infusions, cold drinks such as orange juice and multifurtas, cereals: cornflakes and muesli, toasts: white bread, whole wheat bread, bread of integral bar, bread of rustic bar, baguette, cold: sweet ham, serrano ham, sausage, sausage, cheese, vegetables: tomato, cucumber, corn, steamed vegetables, seasonal fruits: apple, kiwi, banana, orange, melon , watermelon, peach …, hot dishes: scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sausages, potato chip, french fries …, dairy: milk, lactose-free milk, Greek yogurt, strawberry yogurt, natural yogurt, strawberry-banana yogurt , industrial pastries: muffins and croisants, homemade pastries: orange cake, chocolate cake, banana cake, brownie, yogurt cake, calatraba bread, French toast, etc.

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