Gastronomy Alicante

Rice is the base ingredient kitchen Alicantina, is starring in a number of recipes. The Mediterranean Sea is the pantry that supplies us with seafood and next to the Alicante orchard full of color, smell and taste our traditional dishes.


Undoubtedly rice is the star dish of the cuisine of Alicante, its multiple possibilities of variation of preparation and ingredients mean that there are many varieties of rice in the recipe Alicantino. Rice can be combined both with vegetables, meat, fish. The most popular are the arroz a banda, the famous cauldron of Tabarca, black rice, rice with rabbit and snails, rice crust popular in various regions Alicantinas. Also to mention the olleta, a stew of rice and vegetables.

Tapas and montaditos

The sandwiches are small fillings, very typical of this area rolls, combined with cold meats and local cheeses, meats and salted. In recent years the sandwiches have become popular in the rest of the country.


The Mediterranean Sea that bathes our things nourishes us with fresh seafood of the highest quality. Not to miss trying the delicious alicantinas red prawns, shrimps, prawns, lobsters, squid, mullet and many other sea delicacies.


Our Mediterranean sea also from the raw material than traditional cured meats such as dried tuna roe, tuna belly, sorra tuna, herring etc. are made and it accompanied by a good local wine is a perfect aperitif. Salted fish are also the ingredient of salted cokes as the “Coca amb tonyna” and “alicantí esmorzaret” based on salted sardines, fried egg and peppers. Both dishes are very typical of the nights of the week of the festival of San Juan.


The nougat is one of the most typical and tastiest of Alicante sweets. And of course, ice cream artisans ideal at any time of day. Producers traditionally made nougat ice cream with nougat surplus. Today you can find ice cream of all flavors and find ice cream parlors and pastry shops scattered throughout the city. They are also very typical are the rolls with anise accompanying Mistela, cake called coca boba, flavorful dates and nuts. Also, if you love chocolate, Alicante has the best in the world come from neighboring Villajoyosa.

Wines & Spirits

The wines of Alicante are taking in recent times a place of honor among the greats. You just have to try them to realize how good they are. Highlights the double-layer red wines of intense color, pink and white young grape Monastrell, Grenache and vermeta or Fondillón, Alicante old wine world famous and one of the oldest in the world. To accompany the sandwiches, two drinks hearth “dove” and “Cantabria”, traditional drinks based on anise dry with very cold water and herbal liqueur, respectively. And Mistela a very sweet and ideal to accompany gatherings desktop liquor.

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