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Alicante City & Beach

Alicante City & Beach is the new brand presented by the City Council to spread tourism throughout the world. Nuria Clemente López, winner of the ideas contest for the creation of the new tourist brand in the city of Alicante, said that it was a “versatile and elegant brand, which clearly shows the marked multi-product

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The Procession of the Magi of Alcoy celebrates its 131 anniversary

The night of January 5 is one of the most special Christmas dates in Spain. Tradition tells us that on the eve of Three Kings Day, the three wizards of the East visit the children to give them gifts, and that same afternoon, most of Spain’s cities celebrate their Procession, a parade in which their

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Turandot at the Teatro Principal in Alicante

The International Opera of Moldova, the country’s most important art institution, travels to Alicante to play Turandot : opera in three acts of composer Giacomo Puccini and libretto in Italian Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni. The work was unfinished by the death of Puccini, but was completed by the composer and pianist Franco Alfano and

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