Christmas in Alicante

It’s Christmas time and Be Alicante we want to show how things can be done or visit during these days.

We have a wonderful time and temperatures hovering around 20 degrees, invite you to stroll through Alicante and enjoy the city.

To begin,! We’re going to have bien¡ In the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Alicante find a rink ice and a Christmas market, for the more adventurous who want to slip downhill, in the Square Montañeta An artificial snow ramp that can be lowered over a donut is available, it is fun.

Close by, in the Plaza de Calvo Sotelo is located the Bethlehem Municipal, until 6 January. Plaza de Calvo Sotelo is located between Avda. Federico Soto and Avda. Gadea, is very interesting walk there because it is the Christmas market and fair old book and equipment < / strong>. It is also very close to Maissonnave Avenue, the shopping area of ​​the city and at this time the positions of chestnuts and chocolate and churro cheer this area.

For those who want to visit The House of Santa Claus, say that is until 24 December at the Park Ereta, very close to Bed & amp; Breakfast Miraculous , there will be waiting for big and small to receive your requests for Christmas gifts.


For more information you can consult the program of activities of the City of Alicante available here or consult directly with our reception staff Be Alicante.

We wish you a very happy holiday!

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