The Procession of the Magi of Alcoy celebrates its 131 anniversary

The night of January 5 is one of the most special Christmas dates in Spain. Tradition tells us that on the eve of Three Kings Day, the three wizards of the East visit the children to give them gifts, and that same afternoon, most of Spain’s cities celebrate their Procession, a parade in which their majesties are the real protagonists, with their impressive floats and their royal pages and shepherds.

The tradition of the ‘Cabalgata de Reyes’ is very old, but there is a village where this celebration is especially important: Alcoy. In the locality of the interior of Alicante, the arrival of its majesties of East is a special event, in which more than a thousand Alcoyans participate and each year it gathers thousands of visitors in its streets. It is the oldest cavalcade in Spain and is believed to be also the world’s oldest. The first recorded representation was in 1866. The event celebrates, therefore, its 131 anniversary this year 2016. It is declared Festivity of National Tourist Interest and if you are in Alicante those days, yo cannot stop traveling to Alcoy to witness this celebration.

Of course, we recommend you not to be late, for the parade starts at 18 hours in the upper area of the municipality, then runs the streets of El Camí, Sant Nicolau and Plaza de España. At this stop, visitors can contemplate the Adoration of the Three Kings to the Holy Family in the manger, a magical and very emotional moment, in which the monarchs deliver gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus, while the Alleluia of Händel is played by a an orchestra. Afterwards, her majesties and her entourage continue their journey through the streets of San Lllorenç, País Valencià, María Cristina Bridge, Cervantes Walk, Alçamora Street and San Roc Bridge, where the cavalcade ends.

A spectacular parade

The spectacular floats, costumes and festive atmosphere will leave you speechless, and if you travel with children, it will be an unforgettable experience for them. Because, in addition to all this, in the Procession of the Magi of Alcoy happens something you will not see in any other place. The royal pages go up to the balconies of the houses, aided by long wooden stairs, to hand gifts to the children. And the sovereigns of the East also have their peculiarities: in Alcoy the black king is Gaspar!

And if you prefer to stay in the city of Alicante the night of January 5, you can also attend the parade that is celebrated in the streets of the capital, and that runs through the center from the Plaza de los Luceros to the Town Hall, just minutes away from Alojamiento turístico La Milagrosa, headquarters of BeAlicante. And if you dare to greet your majesties, do not forget to ask for your sweets!

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