Valentine’s Day: give a getaway to Alicante!

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, and to him is dedicated the feast of the 14 of February. It is one of our favorite dates because it is a day to enjoy love and to celebrate that we have the loved one at our side.

Did you know that this feast goes back sixteen centuries? The legend says that the saint was a Roman doctor who became a priest to marry young lovers, especially soldiers, who could not marry their partners. Emperor Claudius II ordered his execution for daring to disobey him. In his honor, all the lovers dedicate this day to their patron.

Surely you are already preparing a special Valentine’s Day gift, which includes a good dinner, a romantic walk and unforgettable moments together. Why do not you escape to Alicante? The capital of the Costa Blanca is beautiful in February, and there are many places to see and to share in the city. In the historic center you will find your accommodation in Alojamiento turístico La Milagrosa, BeAlicante’s headquarters, in a privileged setting, just minutes from the beach and surrounded by imposing historical monuments.

Whether you want a super romantic celebration for the two of you, or if you prefer to take advantage of tourism, Alacant is the perfect destination. If you are a romantic soul, in the Plaza de la Santísima Faz and its surroundings, what the locals call ‘El Barrio’, you will find many restaurants with all kinds of gastronomy, where you can dine together and enjoy the atmosphere of the Night Alicante. Afterwards, we recommend a stroll along the Esplanade of Spain, between palm trees and the port, with a very special artistic atmosphere. If you follow your route, you will arrive at Playa del Postiguet, with a wonderful coastal walk where you can contemplate the Mediterranean Sea.

And if, after dinner, what you feel like going out to dance and enjoy the nightlife, very close to your accommodation in BeAlicante you have open the doors of countless discos, pubs and bars with an unbeatable atmosphere. In the ‘Barrio’, in Chestnut Street and in the leisure area of the Port, most of the fashionable places of the city are concentrated, with different styles of music and fun assured.

During the day, Alicante is a city to live it with intensity, to cross it and to make all type of activities. The Maissonave avenue is home to the largest shopping area in the city, with shops of all kinds where you can take advantage to buy your Valentine’s gifts. In addition, the capital has several shopping centers that you can also visit. And from the capital, you can also make a quick trip to cities as wonderful as Benidorm, Calpe, Torrevieja, Altea and other small towns with dreamy corners.

Alicante is your city of love! An unforgettable escape from Los Enamorados.

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