How to visit the island or Tabarca from Alicante

If you are going to spend your holidays in Alicante this summer, a must see visit is the Island of Tabarca. It is the only inhabited island of all the Valencian Community, located about 22 kilometers from the capital. During the summer months, you can take a boat in the Port of Alicante that will take you directly to this small paradise in the middle of the sea. There, you will enjoy a unique gastronomy, dreamlike landscapes and crystal clear waters that harbor a varied marine fauna.

The Island of Tabarca is a small archipelago formed, in addition to Tabarca, by the small islands of La Cantera, La Galera and Nao. In total, it has a length of 1,800 meters and a maximum width of 400 meters. Tabarca is famous for its flora and fauna, with many native species and a spectacular seabed. In addition, it offers a gastronomy well-known in all Spain, with protagonism of the products of the sea. In its beachside restaurants you can eat the famous ‘caldero’ of fish, a delicacy of gods that you can not miss.

Tabarca has a peculiar history. Its coasts were a haven for barbaric pirates, and in the 18th century, King Charles III decided to fortify the island and populate it. Several families of fishermen from Genoa who had been captive in Tunisia, in the city of Tabarka, stayed there. Today, its oldest inhabitants still retain the Genoese surnames so typical of the island.

  • How to get to Tabarca
To get to the island, you have daily boat connections. In the summer season, there are several departures every day from the Marina Deportiva (Paseo Tomas y Valiente). You can walk there from your accommodation in BeAlicante, as it is very close. The journey takes about an hour, in which you can enjoy the views of the Mediterranean Sea. There are several companies that organize trips, with different schedules. In the summer months, there are usually three exits in the morning and another in the afternoon.

Keep in mind that the trip to Tabarca is usually only one day, although there you can also spend several days if you wish. Therefore, we recommend leaving early in the morning and the more hours better this beautiful seafaring village. The ticket for the boat trip costs 19 euros, round trip, and children 0 to 4 years old travel free. You can also board from Santa Pola and Benidorm.

  • What to see

torre de san jose de tabarcaThe whole island of Tabarca was declared Historic-Artistic Set in 1964. Its streets invite you to stroll through its historic center and discover the remains of an exciting past. You can see the remains of the Wall, with the three doors that open the way to the village: the Gate of Levante, the Gate of ‘la Trancada’ and the Gate Puerta de Tierra. The San Pedro and San Pablo Church, which dates back to 1770, is a must visit in the center. The San José Tower, which dates back to the 14th century, is another attraction of the island. A curious fact: this tower was used, in the nineteenth century, as a state prison.

It is also highly recommended to visit the Nueva Tabarca Museum, located in the building of the Warehouse de la Almadraba. It is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 11 to 14 hours, and from 16 to 18:30 hours.
But, in addition to its heritage, on the island you can enjoy nature aswell. Its beaches and coves are perfect for scuba diving – you can also go to the various courses that are held in Tabarca – and other sports such as snorkeling. Or simply, bathe in its crystal clear waters and embrace the tranquility of the island. Tabarca is home to a protected marine reserve of great value. A real refuge for flora and fauna.

Its waters also hide mistycal corners. The Llop Marí Cave (The Cave of the Marine Wolf), located under the walls on the southern slope of the island, can be visited with boats of small size. But beware! Legend has it that in the depths of the cave inhabits a horrible sea monster, which has persecuted the inhabitants of Tabarca for centuries.

  • Grastronomy in the island
And, of course, you can not fail to taste the gastronomy of the island, which is based on the products of the sea since the arrival of its first inhabitants. The famous ‘caldero’, a fish stew that will leave you speechless, is the typical dish of Tabarca. You can not leave without having tasted it! In addition, you can taste different fish and elaborations with a lot of Mediterranean flavor.

So if you come to spend a few days to the capital of the Costa Blanca and want to transport yourself in time and see an authentic Mediterranean sea island, Tabarca is your place.

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