Urban Hiking Trails in Alicante

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy nature in Alicante. The city has a network of urban hiking trails that cross the different areas of environmental and cultural value of the capital. A different and original way to get to know Alicante if you are coming on holidays!

Scheduled routes are classified into three types: environmental or natural trails, cultural or heritage trails and city trails. If you like hiking, this outdoor activity is perfect for you: you can enjoy the beaches, the wide green areas and the most important historical and cultural points. These are the main urban hiking trails of Alicante:

  • Sierra de San Julián (Serra Grossa)
The route through San Julián Mountains, also known as ‘Sierra Grossa’, will take you for a walk along the sea line, in the northern access to the city. The Sierra Grossa has an important role in the history of Alicante, for it has been used by its inhabitants since prehistory. It occupies about 80 hectares, which currently form an urban forest park of great beauty.
  • Trails in the Towers of  ‘La Huerta’ and the Orgegia hill
This trail invites you to visit the Towers of ‘la Huerta’, built during the 16th and 17th centuries. The area of the antic vegetable garden is located to the northeast of the city, and with this route you can learn a little more about the history of Alicante. And right in this place, another path, the trail of Orgegia Hill, will show you how the mountain has been repopulated after the disappearance of agricultural activity.
  • Trail in Cabo de la Huerta
It is one of the most beautiful routes. These trails cover Cabo de la Huerta, an area of great beauty that borders northwest to the bay of Alicante, between the beaches of Albufereta and San Juan. If you want to know the coast of Alicante from another perspective, away from the hustle and bustle of the beaches, this path is an unbeatable opportunity.
  • Trail through Benacantil Hill

The Benacantil Hill is the geographic point dominating the whole city of Alicante. An important place to understand the history of the city, since archeologic references from the Bronze Age have been discovered here. With this hiking trails you will be able to discover how the capital of the Costa Blanca has developed itself through the ages. You will also have spectacular views to the city.

  • Hill of ‘los Colmenares’
The Colmenares Hill is located to the south of the city. It is a coastal mountain range that runs through much of Alicante to the El Fondet dels Pinyols. A different way to visit the coast.
  • Rural route Lo Cheperut
One of the best trails to discover the environmental wealth of Alicante. Along the route, you will see small lagoons or wetlands and the unique landscape that runs through the Hills of Miñana, Sancho, Borbuño and Foncalent.
  • Singular trees
The capital of the Costa Blanca has a rich diversity of flora and fauna. This trail will take you to know the center of the city visiting the unique and monumental trees cataloged and protected. An original view of the historic center of Alicante.
  • Tabarca Island

This urban hiking trails allows you to visit the only inhabitated island in the valencian region. Tabarca is a dream fishing town, with cristal waters and a beautiful protected area for its singular flora and fauna. A must visit!

  • Itinerary in the Ereta Park

This itinerary included in the Network of Urban Hiking Trails of Alicante crosses the Park of the Ereta, located right in front of your accommodations in Be Alicante. The park crosses the slopes of the Castle of Santa Barbara, and you can enjoy on the trail the best views of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

The network of urban trails will allow you to get to know Alicante in an original and unique way. And also promote sustainable tourism and respect for the environment. Choose your route and get ready to discover the capital of the Costa Blanca as you never imagined.

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